Gene Holt studied Art and Architecture and Mass Communications at the Universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Since then he has been busy with painting and sculpting, while working first for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and later as an international marketing manager for the 3M company. In this function, he traveled frequently to the Far East, where he became acquainted first hand with its unique art and culture. At the age of 32 he gave up his full time work to devote himself to sculpting. As of 1971 he has been living and working in the Netherlands.

Email address: gene@geneholt.nl
In his sculptures he looks for the pure essence of the movement or the quintessence of the subject. This often leads to extremely thin sculptures, sometimes merely a line that cuts through space. Usually the construction of these sculptures is only possible through the use of high-tech materials such as epoxy composites.
While a classic sculpture finds balance in itself with returning themes, rhythms, lines and surfaces, Holt’s work is obliged to balance itself with the space around it. If this balance is asymmetrical, tension and movement evolve. It is not the form, but the space that the form occupied before it was recognized, that carries the meaning.
Public and Commercial Commissions:

AceVideo, Doorn
Akzo Coatings, Hoofddorp
Architectenburo Kraanen B.V .
Architectenburo Rob Cools, Den Dolder
Business Art Service, Raamsdonksveer
De Koninklijke Schelde, Vlissingen
Dillewijn Verpakking, Aalsmeer
Fokker Aircraft Industries, Amsterdam
Het Accommodatieburo, Woudenberg
Het Slot Zeist
Mans, Bunnik
Municipality of Genderingen
Municipality of Zeist
St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis, Amersfoort
Van den Ende Television Studios, Aalsmeer
Zwembad Zuidlaren